General information



General information

After successful Demo Camp we start to prepare for summer Juna Camp Ice Addiction. The dates will be held 7.-13. of August 2017.
All who has participated in Demo Camp will get 10% discount at Ice Addiction Camp.

Figure skating club Juna is organizing Summer Camp 2017 for adult and young skaters in Tallinn, Estonia. Skaters will have 1h 20 min every morning and 50 minutes in a daytime ice every day. Also pilates (addopted for figure skaters), off-ice, stretching and jazz-modern classes. Our highly educated coaches team is ready to work hard to improve your skating level, motivate to reach your goals and open new posiibilities in figure skating world. Our team has: single skating coaches, choreographers, professional ice-dance coaches and off-ice specialists. We will form groups depending on skating level (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Masters). Stretching class with 5 time estonian national champion in esthetic gymnastics Olga Ledvanova will be held every day after last practice

- Classic practice on ice with local coaches
- Edges, steps class and stroking with music class on ice
- Off-ice practice (spinner, rubberband, stretching, speed ladder etc)
- Choreo class
- Pilates class
- NEW!!! Special stretching class for figure skaters

Julia Abolina-Kornõsev (steps, edges, choreo programs, ice-dance, off-ice)
Taavi Rand (steps, edges, choreo for programs)
Jelena Abolina (technics, spins on ice; off-ice)
Liina-Grete Lilender (steps, technics, spins, choreo for programs)
Emili Arm (steps, edges, choreo for programs)
Jegor Zadoya (jazz-modern class)
Helen Veidebaum (pilates class)
Olga Ledvanova (stretching class)
Pääsu-Liis Kens (contemporary)

Full package price:
250 EUR registration before 1 of May
275 EUR registration before 1 of June
300 EUR registration before 18 of June

Morning or evening package price:

Morning package 150 EUR registration before 15 of July
1h 20 min ice practice + 1h off ice practice x 6 times

Evening package 135 EUR registration before 15 of July
50 min ice practice + 1h off ice practice x 5 times

+ 60 EUR lunch every day if pre-ordered.

NB!!! Please write in payment subject: 
participant/s name/s and category

Payment must be made to:

Iluuisutamisklubi Juna
Registry code: 80268389
Address: Retke 30-122,
13419 Tallinn
Phone: +372 55 684 274
Bank account:
Address: Tornimäe 2, 15010, Tallinn
IBAN: EE971010220246616222

For groups from 5 people special price will be calculated on requirement.


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